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Latest Updates


8/29/12- Updated Issaquah page, added Seattle First Hill page
8/23/12- Updated Toronto and Dallas pages
4/26/12- Updated Replica Cars and Australian Trams pages
4/19/12- Updated Streetcar Home Page, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Tucson Modern Streetcar pages
3/7/12- Updated Tacoma and Tucson pages
2/28/12- Updated Portland Streetcar page
12/6/11- Updated San Diego page
11/25/11- Updated Sacramento page, added Boston page.
11/23/11- Updated Streetcar Home Page, Lowell, Tucson Old Pueblo Trolley, Seattle and Issaquah pages, added Tucson Modern Streetcar page.
8/31/11- Updated Streetcar Home Page, San Diego , DC Streetcar and New Orleans pages.
5/24/11- Updated Streetcar Home Page and San Diego page.
4/18/11- Updated Systems List and Los Angeles pages
4/4/11- Added Atlanta page.
3/28/11- Updated Washington DC page
3/23/11- Added Washington DC page, updated Fort Worth and Cincinnati pages.
3/1/11- Updated Charlotte page with info on the visit of Kinkisharyo's new 100 percent low floor streetcar demonstrator.
12/23/10- Updated Tampa and Memphis pages
12/20/10- Updated Philadelphia page
12/2/10- Updated San Francisco page
11/30/10- Updated Lowell page.
11/24/10- Updated Tampa page.
11/19/10- Updated Systems List page with numerous new links, updated Philadelphia and Denver pages.
11/1/10- Updated Australian Trams page.
10/27/10- Added Berlin U-Bahn page, updated Systems List page.
10/21/10- Updated Streetcar Home Page, Lake Oswego, Brooklyn, Systems List pages. Added Berlin InnoTrans report page and Berlin Trams page.
10/5/10- Updated Downtown LA page.
9/27/10- Updated Portland Streetcar and Portland Vintage Trolley pages
9/1/10- Updated Dallas page and the Streetcar Home Page.
8/11/10- Updated Los Angeles and Cincinnati pages.
7/18/10- Updated Sacramento, Charlotte, Fort Worth, New Orleans, Dallas and Cincinnati pages, added St. Louis page.
7/8/10- Updated Colorado Springs and Vancouver pages
6/17/10- Updated Streetcar Home Page and San Diego pages
6/11/10- Updated Downtown Los Angeles, San Diego and Toronto pages.
5/18/10- Updated San Francisco page
5/18/10- Updated Streetcar Home Page
5/5/10- Updated Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Dallas and Seattle pages
4/8/10- Updated Los Angeles page
3/24/10- Updated Vancouver and Systems List pages.
3/18/10- Updated Philadelphia page.
2/26/10- Added Toronto page.
2/24/10- Updated New Orleans, Tucson and Denver pages.
2/11/10- Updated Downtown Los Angeles page.
2/4/10- Updated Portland Streetcar page.
1/29/10- Updated Streetcar Home Page, Portland Streetcar page, added Vancouver page.
1/20/10- Updated Australian Cars page, added vintage photos to Detroit page.
1/15/10- Updated Brooklyn, Tucson, Systems List and Tampa pages
1/7/10- Updated San Diego and Colorado Springs and Systems List pages
12/16/09- Updated Tampa and Downtown Los Angeles pages
11/9/09- Updated Downtown Los Angeles page.
11/5/09- Updated Cincinnati, San Diego, Portland, Tucson, Sacramento, Dallas and Los Angeles pages. 
10/9/09- Updated Tacoma, Seattle Waterfront Streetcar and Seattle South Lake Union pages
9/2/09- Updated San Jose and Yakima pages
8/7/09- Updated Tucson page
7/30/09- Updated Downtown Los Angeles and Tucson pages
7/11/09- Updated Downtown Los Angeles page
7/10/09- Added Fort Worth page, updated Galveston page.
7/9/09- Updated Portland Streetcar, Kenosha, San Diego and Cincinnati pages.
6/4/09- Updated Savannah and Charlotte pages. 
5/29/09- Updated Tucson page. 
5/27/09- Updated Portland Streetcar page. 
5/20/09- Updated Los Angeles page with info on the Americana at Brand and photos of the APTA Streetcar & Heritage Trolley Subcommittee's recent tour in Los Angeles. Updated Downtown Los Angeles page. Added new photo to Tucson page.
5/8/09- Updated Portland Streetcar, Denver, San Francisco and Tucson pages.
3/1/09- Updated Downtown Los Angeles page.
2/12/09- Updated Los Angeles and Savannah pages.

1/9/09- Updated Tucson, Issaquah and Systems List pages.

12/23/08- Updated New Orleans, Savannah and Systems List pages.


8/22/08- Updated Los Angeles (Farmer's Market)  page.


8/20/08- Updated Red Car Line Updates and Downtown L.A. pages.


7/31/08- Updated San Francisco, San Pedro and Downtown L.A. pages.


6/30/08- Updated Systems List and Dallas pages.

6/25/08- Updated New Orleans, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Main Trolley page, added Seattle South Lake Union, Tacoma and Downtown Los Angeles pages.

4/23/08- Updated New Orleans, Charlotte and Systems List pages.


1/1/08- Updated New Orleans, Tucson, San Diego and Systems List pages.


11/27/07- Updated Little Rock page. 


11/2/07- Updated Charlotte and Seattle pages. 


10/31/07- Updated Systems List, Sacramento, Tampa and Los Angeles pages. 

10/12/07- Updated Systems List, Portland, Ft. Collins, Cincinnati, Little Rock, Madison, New Orleans, San Pedro, Tampa, and Replica Cars pages, added Portland Streetcar page. 

2/15/07- Updated Little Rock, New Orleans and Vintage Trolley Systems main page


12/15/06- Updated Dallas page.


12/13/06- Updated Seattle page.


12/4/06- Added Australian Cars page, updated Replica Cars page.


12/1/06- Updated Seattle and New Orleans pages.


11/27/06- Updated Vintage Trolley Systems main page and Replica Cars page.


11/23/06- Updated Galveston, Tampa, Memphis, Madison, San Pedro, Portland, Little Rock and Systems List pages.


9/15/06- Added Savannah page.


7/18/06- Updated Systems List, Madison and Los Angeles pages.


6/29/06- Added new page covering trolley operation at Farmers Market, Los Angeles.


6/22/06- Updated Portland and Systems List pages.


6/22/06- Updated Replica Cars, San Francisco and Lowell pages.


5/2/06- Updated New Orleans and Little Rock pages.


4/16/06- Revised Systems List page, added additional links.


3/28/06- Revised Tampa page, added update and new photos.


3/21/06- updated New Orleans and Kenosha pages, added updated links to Little Rock and Madison pages, updated Systems List.


3/9/06- updated Little Rock, Yakima, Tucson, Charlotte pages, updated Systems List.


12/15/05- updated San Diego page.


12/14/05- updated New Orleans page.


12/12/05- updated New Orleans, San Diego and Kenosha pages.


10/18/05- updated Little Rock, Seattle, New Orleans and Astoria pages.


9/30/05- updated New Orleans and Issaquah pages.


9/24/05- updated Sacramento page.


9/5/05- updated Philadelphia, Sacramento, Kenosha , Systems List and Replica Cars pages.


7/27/05- updated Seattle and Philadelphia pages, added additional links to the Replica Cars page.


4/18/05- updated links on Madison page, updated Issaquah page.


4/12/05- updated Galveston page.


3/30/05- updated San Francisco page, added 40 new photos. Updated Charlotte and Seattle and Philadelphia pages.  


1/21/05- updated Replica Cars page.  


12/21/04- updated Little Rock, Tampa, Memphis and Charlotte pages. Additional links added to Charlotte page 12/27.


10/1/04- updated Kenosha page.


9/28/04- Updated Little Rock, Lake Oswego and Portland pages.  


8/26/04- Updated Seattle page.  


8/12/04- Added Lake Oswego page, updated Galveston page.


8/9/04- Updated Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Diego, San Pedro, Tampa and Little Rock pages.


2/3/04- Updated Portland, Detroit, Charlotte and Cincinnati pages.


12/3/03- Updated Astoria, Portland, Madison and San Jose pages.


11/3/03- Updated Memphis, Little Rock, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Portland, New Orleans, Lowell, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa, Detroit, Replica Cars, and Systems List  pages.

7/17/03- Updated Memphis page.


7/10/03- Updated San Pedro, San Jose, Little Rock, Charlotte, and Detroit pages.


5/30/03- Updated Little Rock, Astoria, New Orleans, Issaquah, Brooklyn  and Systems List pages.


3/14/03- Updated Charlotte, New Orleans, Madison and Systems List pages.


3/7/03- Updated Introduction and Galveston pages.


2/14/03- Updated  Little Rock, Aspen and Tampa pages.


2/13/03- Updated Tucson, Portland, Memphis and Lowell pages.


2/7/03- Updated Tampa and Detroit pages.


11/27/02- Updated Dallas, Aspen and Issaquah pages.


11/22/02- Updated Charlotte page.


10/29/02- Updated Tampa and Dallas pages.


10/15/02- Updated New Orleans, Portland and Tampa pages.


9/1/02- Updated Seattle and Yakima pages.


8/25/02- Updated New Orleans, Cincinnati, Aspen, Yakima, and Issaquah pages.


7/16/02- Updated Dallas page.


6/18/02- Updated Charlotte page.


6/10/02- Updated Brooklyn and Charlotte pages.


6/7/02- Updated Aspen page.


6/1/02- Updated Charlotte, Little Rock, New Orleans and Astoria pages.


5/30/02- Added Yakima page, updated Issaquah page.


5/27/02- Added Philadelphia and Aspen pages, updated Sacramento page.


5/14/02- Updated Tucson page.


5/10/02- Updated Systems List, Dallas and New Orleans pages.


5/9/02- Updated Tampa, Issaquah and Little Rock pages.


4/24/02- Updated Brooklyn page.


3/8/02- Updated Tampa, San Pedro, and Detroit pages.


2/11/02- Updated Kenosha page.


2/7/02- Updated Kenosha, Little Rock, Charlotte and Memphis pages.  



1/1/02- Updated New Orleans page.  


12/18/01- Posted minor corrections to Dallas page. 

12/16/01- Updated Dallas and Charlotte pages, continued adding links from the individual city pages to the corresponding pages on the new APTA Heritage Trolley web site. 


12/14/01- Updated New Orleans, Memphis, Brooklyn, Galveston and Charlotte pages. Also began adding links from the individual city pages to the corresponding pages on the new APTA Heritage Trolley web site. 


12/10/01- December marks the one-year anniversary of the Vintage Trolley Systems web site. Updated San Francisco page. 


11/29/01- Updated Systems List page. Added new system map to Tampa page.


9/27/01- Updated Replica Cars and Memphis pages with info on new replica car being built for Memphis.


9/25/01- Updated Little Rock and Lowell pages. Added new links to Charlotte and Introduction pages.

9/20/01- Added new links and an update to the Galveston page, added news photo to Detroit page.

9/10/01- Continued updating pages to new format. Also added new photos to Memphis page and news update to Detroit page.

9/7/01- Added Brooklyn page. Continued updating pages to new format, including the Tampa, San Pedro and Systems List  pages. Added new links to Tampa page.

8/29/01- Began introducing a new page format that eliminates the blue navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen. This will permit easier printing of the pages, hopefully including eliminating the problem of having the right-hand margin truncated. The first pages with the new format include the Trolley Home Page, as well as the Dallas, Galveston, Portland and, San Francisco pages. Several of these pages have also received new pictures and other updated information.


All of the pages should be changed over to the new format in the next few weeks. If anyone notices any problems with the newly formatted pages, I would appreciate hearing from you. 

8/9/01- Added photos to Ft. Collins , Tampa, Little Rock and Portland pages. Added Wilmington, Delaware page.

7/27/01- Updated schedule information on Kenosha page, added news story and updated Canal opening date on New Orleans page, updated Charlotte page, added new links to Ft. Collins page and Portland page.


7/10/01- Updated Charlotte and Dallas pages and added a new link to the Tampa page.

7/2/01- Updated Seattle page.

6/8/01- Updated Dallas, Tampa, New Orleans, and Issaquah pages. Reformatted Systems List, added additional information.

5/22/01- Added new links and photos to Madison, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle and Denver pages. Added update to Charlotte page.

5/19/01- Added photos to Lowell and San Jose pages


5/14/01- Added system map and other updates to Kenosha page.

4/25/01- Minor updates to Astoria and Issaquah pages.

4/6/01- Added Astoria page.

4/4/01- Added news items to Charlotte, Lowell and Portland pages, updated master list. 

3/15/01- Added Issaquah and San Diego pages, added new pictures to Detroit and Portland pages, minor update to Seattle page.

3/8/01- Updated New Orleans page, added link to new Canal St. Project web site, corrected opening date for Canal St. shuttle. 

3/5/01- Updated Cincinnati page.

2/28/01- Updated Memphis page, updated expected opening date on Tampa page.

2/09/01- Added additional photos to Charlotte page, repaired some broken internal links.

1/29/01- Updated Tampa and Little Rock pages, also extensive updates to New Orleans page. Minor updates to table on Replica Cars page. Added Madison page. Made minor correction to Tucson page.

1/21/01- Added preliminary Cincinnati page. Added some new links and photos to the individual pages. Updated Systems List.


1/5/01- Added Denver page and updated Dallas page


1/2/01- Updated New Orleans and Memphis pages

12/31/00- Added Colorado Springs page

12/24/00- Numerous minor layout changes designed to permit easier printing of individual pages.

12/22/00- Added several additional links to individual pages, updated Replica Cars page, updated Memphis page.

12/07/00- Added Memphis page, Detroit page, Lowell page, added new information to Portland page, revised San Francisco page, revised Vintage Trolley introduction page.


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