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4/24/03 - 07/14/03

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04/24/03- Car 501 On the Rails!


Replica Pacific Electric car 501 was moved from the Wilmington Red Car Works in  Berth 155A on April 24. After a short ride around the Harbor  on board one of OST's custom railcar-moving trailers, it was unloaded just south of the 22nd St. Red Car Station.  After it landed on the rails it was towed by truck across 22nd St. and underneath the Red Car Line trolley wire. Car 1058 coupled up and moved the 501 into the temporary maintenance facility. The pictures below detail the day's events. 501 is scheduled to begin on-line testing next week, and work continues on a daily basis on car 500 back at the Red Car Works.


-John Smatlak photos 4/24/03 - Click any image to enlarge-

501 final prep.JPG (299914 bytes) 501 B155A.JPG (259220 bytes)

Final preparations underway inside the Red Car Works

Car 501 on the trailer outside Berth 155A
501 on trailer.JPG (284445 bytes) 501 on trailer b.JPG (309129 bytes)
Car 501 on the trailer Ready for the move to San Pedro
501 doorway a.JPG (296298 bytes) 501 doorway b.JPG (286997 bytes)
View from inside Berth 155A Another view through the loading door
501 on the road.JPG (297542 bytes) 501 arrives 22nd St.JPG (257768 bytes)
On the road! Arriving 22nd St. a short time later
501 trailer dropped.JPG (308244 bytes) 501 trailer ramp a.JPG (308662 bytes)

The tractor pulls away and the trailer is lowered

The trailer gooseneck is removed and the ramp sections are put in place

501 trailer ramp b.JPG (295913 bytes) 501 landed.JPG (304881 bytes)
With a slight tug to get things started, 501 rolls down the ramp Landed!
501 tow.JPG (295146 bytes) 501 crosses 22nd.JPG (271172 bytes)
Towing 501 the short distance to the Red Car Line. Car 1058 in Background Crossing 22nd St.
coupling 1058 and 501.JPG (261353 bytes) 1058 501 a.JPG (307848 bytes)
1058 is coupled up Air connections are made
1058 501 b.JPG (267539 bytes) 1058 501 c.JPG (237074 bytes)
1058 tows the 501 1058 pushing 501 into the temporary maintenance facility
501 interior a.JPG (276592 bytes) 501 interior b.JPG (152857 bytes)
Open section interior Closed section interior
-John Smatlak photos 4/24/03 - Click any image to enlarge-

04/29/03- Car 501 Makes its First Test Runs


Replica Pacific Electric car 501 made its first test runs this week. On Monday 4/28, the car was slowly towed the length of the Red Car Line by car 1058, stopping frequently to check clearances. On Tuesday 4/29, the final wiring connections were made and the car was powered up for the first time. After testing and adjusting the airbrake system the car was moved under its own power for the first time. After several successful moves inside the maintenance area, the 501 headed out onto the line for several round-trips. The testing went very well, and the car is scheduled to be out on the line regularly in the coming weeks for additional testing, crew training, and compilation of required safety certification documents.


-John Smatlak photos 4/28 - 4/29/03 - Click any image to enlarge-

1058 and 501 at POC.JPG (260811 bytes) Pressure Switch settings.JPG (159452 bytes)

4/28/03: 501 is towed over the line by car 1058 for its initial clearance test. Technician Bruce Heath checks on the journal bearings.

4/29/03: 501's airbrake system received numerous tests and adjustments prior to the first run. Here technician Doug Ward adjusts some pressure switch settings under the car.
501 first energized.JPG (294876 bytes) 501 Swinford.JPG (270901 bytes)

4/29/03: The trolley pole has been raised for the first time and car 501's air compressor comes to life

501 at Swinford St./ World Cruise Center Station
501 from hillside.JPG (277084 bytes) 501 at tent.JPG (291195 bytes)
501 passes Ports O' Call. In the background is the viewing area for the fisherman's slip.

501 returns to the Maintenance area after its first test runs

-John Smatlak photos 4/24/03 - Click any image to enlarge-

07/14/03- Red Car Line to Open July 19!


The Waterfront Red Car Line is scheduled to begin operation on Saturday July 19. Click here for the Port's press release on the gala "Red Car Revival" event. 


Replica car 501 has now been thoroughly tested, and operating crews have been running a simulated four day schedule for the last several weeks using cars 501 and 1058. In addition, final work in and around the four stations is just about complete, including parking lots at the Cruise Center and 22nd St. stations, and additional landscaping and right-of-way fencing at the Ports O' Call station. Station signage is being added this week.


At the Wilmington Red Car Works, progress continues on replica car 500, which will debut later this summer and replace car 1058 in the regular lineup. Most of the interior woodwork has been installed in the 500, and it is now receiving the requisite 15 coats of varnish. Wiring and airbrake piping are being added under the car and portions of the exterior have already been painted. Some photos appear below.


In related news, the first phase of a major redevelopment project along the San Pedro waterfront has moved another step closer to implementation. Phase One of the San Pedro Waterfront Promenade has been reviewed and approved by the Port Citizens Advisory Committee, and forwarded to the LA Harbor Commission. Phase One covers the area between the Vincent Thomas Bridge and Fire Station 112. The Waterfront Red Car Line passes directly through this area on its way from the Cruise Ship Terminal to the Downtown San Pedro station. Promenade project consultants EDAW Inc., and Moffatt & Nichols Engineers have developed a website for the Promenade Project, and it provides a nice overview of the design elements under consideration. 

2003 500 interior Paul and Jessie sm.JPG (291860 bytes) 2003 500 Tom varnishing.JPG (259212 bytes)

Carpenters Paul Chin and Jesse Cruz at work inside car 500 in late June

Painter Tom Biernat applying one of the 15 coats of varnish to the interior woodwork

2003 500 interior 7 2 03.JPG (331110 bytes) 2003 500 interior 2 7 2 03.JPG (332743 bytes)
Interior of car 500 7/2/03 Interior of car 500 7/2/03
2003 wiring 500 boxes 2.JPG (353892 bytes) 2003 Car 500 7 2 03.JPG (447639 bytes)

Wiring up the switch groups for car 500

Car 500 on 7/2/03
501 sandbags.JPG (160946 bytes) 2003 passing siding.jpg (337244 bytes)

Interior of car 501 filled with sandbags for stopping distance tests, June 2003

Cars 1058 and 501 meet at the passing siding during testing, June 2003
2003 501 and 1058.JPG (289892 bytes) 2003 interior lettering gold leaf.JPG (373154 bytes)

Car 501 pauses alongside the maintenance facility. Car 1058 in the background, June 2003

William Ramirez of MW Sign in Wilmington applies the gold leaf to the "PE 501" lettering. MW Sign is one of many local vendors who participated in the project.

2003 interior lettering black edging.JPG (352237 bytes) 2003 interior lettering partial bulkhead.JPG (345561 bytes)
Adding the black edging to the "No Smoking" lettering on the bulkhead A view of some of the finished lettering, June 2003
2003 501 interior.JPG (347593 bytes) 2003 1058 6th St.jpg (300655 bytes)
Completed interior of car 501 Car 1058 crosses 6th St. June 2003
-John Smatlak photos - Click any image to enlarge-

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