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1/14/03 - 03/30/03

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01/14/03 Project Updates


Replica Pacific Electric car 501 is rapidly coming together and will soon begin on-line testing. As seen in the pictures below, car 500 is also progressing nicely. Your next opportunity to view both cars will be at the Wilmington Red Car Works Open House on Saturday January 25, from 11am to 3pm. 


Out on the Red Car Line, all of the platform ramps have been installed at the stations, and more site improvements have been completed adjacent to the Ports O' Call station. Car 1058 continues to receive maintenance and equipment upgrades at the Maintenance area at 22nd St.   


See you at the Open House!


-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-

500 roof 11 21 2002.JPG (279624 bytes) 501 11 21 02.jpg (165662 bytes)
Carpenter Paul Chen at work on the roof of car 500, November 2002

The exterior of Car 501 was largely complete by November, while work continued on the interior.

501 11 21 2002.JPG (309752 bytes) 501 interior painting 11 21 2002.JPG (254400 bytes)
November 2002 Painting progresses inside car 501- late September
500 letterboard piece.JPG (164922 bytes) 500 letterboard 01 10 2003.jpg (150776 bytes)
Carpenter Tim Buxton shows off some of the crew's handiwork- a steam bent section of letterboard

Installing one of the letterboard layers on the car- the clamps are holding things in place while the glue dries.

500 Carpenters 12 2002.JPG (282574 bytes) 500 interior 01 10 03.JPG (150645 bytes)
Carpenters Jessie Cruz and Paul Chen at work in car 500- late December Car 500- early January 2003
500 pipe bending 01 10 2003.JPG (157470 bytes) 500 pipe install 01 10 2003.JPG (151158 bytes)
Bruce Heath and Bud Renner bending air brake piping for application to car 500 Installing air brake piping under the car
501 interior 01 10 2003.jpg (257584 bytes) 501 bulkhead 01 10 2003.JPG (257935 bytes)
Early January- the ceiling is now painted and varnishing is complete. Flooring and seats come next.

Close-up of one of the beautiful bulkheads- the mahogany woodwork is truly breathtaking; a tribute to the Port's talented carpenters.

500 carpenters 1 14 2003.JPG (305118 bytes)
The same bulkhead area on preserved car 538 at OERM Carpenters at work on car 500- 1/14/03
500 carpenters b 1 14 2003.JPG (289860 bytes) 500 carpenters c 1 14 2003.JPG (153895 bytes)

Carpenters at work on car 500- 1/14/03

Siding sheets being installed on car 500, 1/14/03. Car 501 received the more traditional matchboard siding, though the finished appearance will be the same on both cars..

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-

02/14/03 Project Updates


Replica Pacific Electric car 501 now has its rubber flooring installed, and the seats are scheduled to be installed the week of 2/17. Work continues on completing installation of all the electrical equipment. Car 500 now has most of its exterior woodwork installed, including all of the siding, the letterboard, the window post pillars, and the tack rail. Still to come is the belt rail and the metal plates over the dashers. Underneath the car, work is advancing steadily on installation of the air brake piping and devices. Your next opportunity to view both cars will be at the Wilmington Red Car Works Open House on Saturday February 22, from 11am to 3pm. 


-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


corner tack rail fab a 01 31 03.JPG (197123 bytes) corner tack rail fab b 01 31 03.JPG (185651 bytes)

Carpenter Kent Schuman works on one of the tack rail / drip rail corner pieces 1/31/03

A total of four curved pieces were required per car, each one fit to one of the corners.

corner tack rail closeup.JPG (179084 bytes) comparison tack rail.JPG (192846 bytes)
Here's one of the curved tack rail pieces installed on car 500.

A comparison between an original section from PE 538 (left)  and the new section made for the project. This molding provides a place for the edge of the roofing canvas to be "tacked" to, and it also beads the water away from the car side. 

500 tack rail closeup.JPG (172345 bytes) 500 tack rail install a 02 07 03.JPG (247073 bytes)
close up showing installation on the side of car 500  Installing the final side piece on car 500 1/31/03
500 window post less pillars 01 31 03.JPG (156001 bytes) 500 window post glue 01 31 03.JPG (150332 bytes)

The window post with letterboard in place but prior to installing the pillars. 1/31/03

The pillars have now been glued to the window posts, and the clamps will hold things in place until the glue dries. 

varnish room a 01 31 03.JPG (145045 bytes) varnish room b 01 31 03.JPG (155565 bytes)
The varnish room

Here are some of the decorative elements for the interior window post panels

comparison window post panel.JPG (173759 bytes) comparison window post panel detail.JPG (139404 bytes)
This view shows an original panel (right) placed next to one of the reproductions (left)

Window post panel detail, original on the right, reproduction on the left.

comparison  upper sash.JPG (159262 bytes) comparison window bars.JPG (154952 bytes)
This view shows an original upper window sash (right) placed next to one of the reproductions (left)

An original window bar placed in front of one of the reproductions installed on the bulkhead of car 501.

comparison corner sash b.JPG (152324 bytes) comparison  corner sash.JPG (157988 bytes)

An original curved corner window frame on the left, reproduction at right.

The original frame laid on top of the replica. The window opening on the replica is slightly smaller due to the fact that the steel frame required wider window posts. 

501 flooring install layout.JPG (163286 bytes) flooring install b.JPG (172940 bytes)

Carpenter Paul Chen lays out the rubber flooring material to fit around the bulkhead.

Flooring installation in progress, the mastic has been laid out (left) and is setting up. One half of each strip was glued down at a time. 2/7/03

flooring install a.JPG (167230 bytes) flooring install c.JPG (158396 bytes)

After the mastic had set up, the flooring was rolled out across some wood strips to check the alignment

The wood strips were then pulled out one at a time and the flooring set into the mastic. Carpenter Jessie Cruz is about to pull out the first strip. 

500 02 13 03 b.JPG (240825 bytes) 500 02 13 03.JPG (163125 bytes)

Car 500 on February 13, 2003. The siding has been installed and has received a primer coat.

Another view of car 500, February 13, 2003
seats.JPG (158335 bytes) 501 interior seats b 02 13 03.JPG (179273 bytes)
Pre-assembled seats. The first two seats are placed in the car to check the spacing 2/13/03
501 interior 02 13 03.JPG (162816 bytes) Henrys Upholstery.JPG (154891 bytes)
Interior of car 501, February 13, 2003

Henry and Omar from Henry's Upholstery in San Pedro pose with one of the doorway curtains they provided for the project under contract to the Port. 

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


03/30/03 Project Updates


Replica Pacific Electric car 501 now has all of its seats installed and has been receiving final fitting out prior to being placed on the rails to begin testing. Car 500 now has all of its exterior woodwork installed along with the sheet metal wrappers over each dash. The roof covering has also been installed, and the trolley boards and various roof-top trim pieces are being placed. The pictures below detail the latest progress.

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


501 end wrapper fit 2.JPG (247101 bytes) 501 seat install 02 28 03.JPG (244054 bytes)
Test fitting the sheet metal end wrapper on car 500 3/4/03 Installing the seats in car 501 3/4/03
electrical install.JPG (150836 bytes) 500 roofing install.JPG (361629 bytes)

Electrician Mike DeLang and mechanical consultant Bruce Heath at work on car 501 3/21/03

Rubber roofing being installed on car 500, 3/10/03
500 red car works b.JPG (372130 bytes) 501 03 22 2003 b.JPG (281813 bytes)
Car 500  rests inside the Red Car Works 3/22/03 Car 501 3/22/03
501 03 22 03 rear b.JPG (405970 bytes) 501 interior 03 22 03.JPG (244735 bytes)
Car 501 3/22/03 Car 501 interior 3/22/03
501 platform 03 22 03.JPG (305065 bytes) Tim and Kent gluing.JPG (282464 bytes)
Car 501 platform 3/22/03

Carpenters Kent Schuman and Tim Buxton gluing up some mahogany to create one of the large bulkhead components 3/27/03

500 roof molding install.JPG (278668 bytes) 500 roof painting.JPG (260612 bytes)
Carpenters Jessie Cruz and Paul Chen lay in one of the molding components on the roof edge Car 500 3/27/03
500 end bulkhead framing.JPG (237563 bytes) 500 mid bulkhead framing.JPG (247238 bytes)
Car 500, end bulkhead framing 3/27/03 Car 500, middle bulkhead framing 3/27/03

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-

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