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6/17/02 - 10/11/02

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6/17/02 Car 1058 Returns to the Rails!

The long-awaited move of car 1058 took place on Saturday, June 15. The car was rolled out of its home of the last two years and onto a flatbed truck. The flatbed was then maneuvered into position next to a nearby railroad crossing, and the car was picked up off its running gear with four large forklifts. The flatbed was then rolled out from under the carbody, leaving the car suspended high in the air for a few moments before being slowly lowered down. The trucks were then pulled off the flatbed and placed on the rails, where they were given a quick inspection and received the required lubrication. The four forklifts next maneuvered the carbody over to the crossing, where the trucks were rolled into place underneath. The carbody was then lowered onto the trucks.

Interestingly, the 1058 was placed on the tracks on former Pacific Electric rails. The location was the tail of the Pier "A" yard,  where the PE once approached the old bascule bridge the crossed over the channel. After landing on the rails, the car's airbrakes were reconnected, and the trolley poles and related devices were reattached to the roof. A Pacific Harbor Line locomotive then coupled up to the car, and the journey around the harbor began. The train proceeded very slowly, stopping frequently to keep an eye on everything. The trip utilized the route of the old PE West Basin Line. The car was uncoupled in front of the Ports O' Call Red Car station, and the locomotive was run around on an adjacent track in order to push the 1058 into the 22nd St. maintenance building spur.

Car 1058's new home is a large temporary building (really a very large tent) located within a fenced compound on the maintenance building spur. The tent was erected in early June by local vendor Anza Tents. It's 30' wide and 165' long, with asphalt paving on the ground inside to keep things clean. A service area has been set up in front of the tent, and an office trailer and storage containers moved in. A security guard is stationed at the facility around the clock. In addition to the new storage tent, the overhead trolley wire has been extended over the spur from the main line up to the tent. We'll post some photos shortly. 

The arrival of car 1058 received coverage in the Daily Breeze newspaper, which ran this article. The next step is to begin testing of car 1058, to be followed by testing of the overhead wire, crossing signals, and other line improvements. Also, don't forget the next Open House at the Red Car Works, to be held on Saturday July 6.

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


1058 seat install.jpg (176827 bytes) 1058 outside3.jpg (137448 bytes)
The first seats are installed inside 1058 1058 emerges from the building
1058 outside5.jpg (154532 bytes) 1058 outside2.jpg (145204 bytes)
Crews check the progress 1058 is outside!
1058 outside.jpg (145568 bytes) 1058 on ramp.jpg (158660 bytes)
On the ramp Tie-down begins
1058 moving2.jpg (157188 bytes) 1058 lifted.jpg (135680 bytes)
A short move to the unload area The car is briefly suspended in air after the truck pulls away
1058 lifted2.jpg (141484 bytes) 1058 lowering down.jpg (134292 bytes)
Lowering back down  Back down on the ground
1058 truck.jpg (165120 bytes) 1058 retruck.jpg (131536 bytes)
The trucks are moved into position Rolling truck #2 back under the car
1058 on rails again.jpg (144964 bytes) 1058 West Basin Line.jpg (144416 bytes)
Back on the rails! A pause on the old PE West Basin Line

In other project news, excellent progress is being made on cars 500 and 501. The photos below illustrate some of the progress.


501_masking.jpg (174883 bytes) 501 primer application3.jpg (156824 bytes)
501 is prepared for primer Application of primer to 501
1058 primer application2.jpg (163448 bytes) 501 primer application4.jpg (157372 bytes)
Primer application continues Working around the car
501 primer.jpg (171648 bytes) B155A 1058 gone.jpg (165952 bytes)
Car 501 in exterior primer The Red Car Works has a little more room with car 1058 gone!
500 roof install.jpg (181461 bytes) 500 roof.jpg (173747 bytes)
Carpenters apply the roof sheeting on car 500

Clamps hold the newly applied sheeting in place

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-

6/23/02 Testing of Car 1058 Begins

Car 1058 has begun operation under its own power! Operation started with some initial moves along the maintenance building spur track, and the car made its first trip over part of the line on Friday, June 21st. The car was put on display at 6th St. from 10 until 2, allowing participants in a local economic development conference to stop by for a look. Testing will continue in the weeks ahead.


22nd St 1058 first run.jpg (236876 bytes) 1058 first run.jpg (292040 bytes)
View of the maintenance building spur, and the temporary tent 1058 on the move for the first time
1058 in tent.jpg (171464 bytes) Red Car Crew.jpg (140676 bytes)
Inside the tent The Red Car Crew
1001SanPedro.jpg (64813 bytes) 1058 city hall.jpg (148220 bytes)
PE 1001, San Pedro, 1946 PE 1058, San Pedro, 2002
1058 maritime museum2.jpg (168860 bytes) 1058 6th st.jpg (162080 bytes)
Views at 6th St., Maritime Museum in background At 6th St.
1058 6th st2.jpg (161760 bytes) 1058 ports o call.jpg (307028 bytes)
At 6th St. At the Ports O' Call station
-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


8/3/02 Project Updates


Extensive testing and adjustment of car 1058 was carried out in July, along with testing of crossing signals and other infrastructure elements. The car also made a couple of public appearances, including one at the 6th St. Station for San Pedro's "First Thursday" event on August 1. 


On July 24th, the Board of Harbor Commissioners formally awarded an operation & maintenance contract to Herzog Transit  Services Inc., for operation of the line. Herzog is now in the process of mobilizing personnel in anticipation of starting operations.


Work on the line's temporary maintenance facility at 22nd St. also continues; on August 3rd, a section of rail in front of the storage tent was removed to permit construction to begin on an inspection pit. Car 1058 will thus remain inside until work on the pit is completed, scheduled for August 19th. During this pause in testing, crews will tackle a number of equipment-related jobs, including installation of the car's remaining seats.


-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


1058 Cruise Center.jpg (263156 bytes) 1058 Gibson Park side.jpg (287792 bytes)
At the Cruise Center Station Gibson Park passing siding
1058 maritime museum.jpg (259008 bytes) 1058 6th St station 07 02.jpg (144546 bytes)
In front of the L.A. Maritime Museum At the 6th St. Station
1058 crossing 6th.jpg (238464 bytes) 1058 POC 08 02.jpg (311764 bytes)
Crossing 6th St. Leaving the Ports O' Call Station

Work is also proceeding nicely on cars 500-501. Car 501 will soon have an all-red exterior, and much of its interior walls and ceiling will be installed shortly. The bulkheads are already nearly complete inside the car, as are the front and rear platforms. The roof is about ready for the trolley poles to be installed, and most of the airbrake and electrical apparatus is in place under the car. Car 501 is scheduled to be placed on the rails to begin testing during the last week of August.

-John Smatlak photos. Click any image to enlarge-


clerestory routing.jpg (328508 bytes) installing roofing.jpg (284316 bytes)
Routing in the pivot hinge on the clerestory windows

Applying the Tremco rubber roof membrane; this modern roofing has been tried in place of the traditional canvas, and is expected to give excellent results

501 primer 7 8 02.jpg (197052 bytes) sanding sides.jpg (155997 bytes)
Car 501 in primer, with painting of the roofing material underway Final detail sanding of the t&g wood siding
varnishing trim 7 8 02.jpg (142704 bytes) sanding partial bulkhead.jpg (175974 bytes)
Varnishing some of the many mahogany trim pieces

Creating the ceiling bulkhead for car 501's 'open air' section

501 and truck.jpg (164628 bytes) 501 cab 08 02.jpg (164296 bytes)
Car 501 and one of its trucks Platform of car 501
501 end 08 02.jpg (173837 bytes) 501 08 02.jpg (172314 bytes)
Cars 500 and 501 are being painted in PE's attractive 1911-20 dark red paint scheme Painting in progress- 6 coats are required to build up the deep red to its correct color
501 fitting roof ladder.jpg (162124 bytes) windows primer.jpg (156308 bytes)
One of the roof ladders is fitted Windows for car 501 in primer

8/12/02 Project Updates


Construction of the inspection pit at the line's temporary maintenance facility is proceeding on schedule. Site improvements adjacent to the Ports O' Call station are also progressing; these include pedestrian walkways to the fishing slip across Sampson Way, and a walkway to the adjacent Ports O' Call Village.  Additionally, new fencing has been installed along the right-of-way adjacent to Ports O' Call Village. This lengthy section of the Red Car Line now has a new lower-profile chain-link fence in place of the old fence that had been filled in with wooden slats. In addition to improving the general appearance of the area by opening up the view of the hillside greenery, this change will let people in Ports O' Call village see the Red Car moving along its route, and will also improve the passenger's view on board the cars. 


Car 1058 has also received its full complement of seats, and work is now underway to install some additional electrical and airbrake equipment. All of the activity on getting the line ready has also generated a number of newspaper articles, including this August 8th column from John Bogert in the Daily Breeze. Finally, we have the pleasure of adding a few photos of some recent visitors to the Red Car project, namely 15th District Councilwoman Janice Hahn, and 4th District Councilwoman Tom LaBonge. 


-Click photos to enlarge-


LaBonge Hahn Keller 07 2002.jpg (58245 bytes) Hahn 07 2002.jpg (20825 bytes)
Councilpersons Tom LaBonge and Janice Hahn with Larry Keller, Executive Director Port of LA. 

Councilwoman Janice Hahn tries out the operator's chair in car 1058

LaBonge Keller 07 2002.JPG (54791 bytes) Hahn group 07 2002b.JPG (185144 bytes)
Inside car 1058 are 4th District Councilman Tom LaBonge and Larry Keller, Executive Director, Port of LA. 

L-R; Bob Henry, Red Car Project Manager; John Smatlak, project consultant; Dave Garcia, project consultant; Janice Hahn, 15th District Councilwoman; Larry Keller, Executive Director, Port of LA. 


10/11/02 Project Updates


Site improvements continue along the line, especially on the hillside between 22nd St. and the Ports O' Call area. Testing of car 1058 continues, and contract operator/maintainer Herzog Transit Services has been training their first group of operators. Car 501 is nearing completion at the 'Red Car Works' in Wilmington, and the first platform ramp has been installed at the 22nd St. Station.


We apologize for the delay in getting this update posted- but as you will see in the pictures below, everyone's been very busy! More news to follow!


-Click photos to enlarge-

501 09 02a.jpg (166372 bytes) 501 09 02 b.jpg (166816 bytes)
September 2002- preparing car 501 for more red paint More Car 501 prep work
corner windows 09 28 02.jpg (155852 bytes) 501 09 27 02 sm.jpg (358341 bytes)
Newly fabricated curved corner windows Painting progresses- late September
501 cab 10 11 02.jpg (254372 bytes) 501 interior 10 11 02.jpg (162104 bytes)
Cab view- early October Windows installed- interior being varnished
501 10 11 02.jpg (258328 bytes) 501 lettering.jpg (175732 bytes)
Lettering in progress "Pacific Electric" is applied to the car sides
501 walls 10 11 02.jpg (189844 bytes) 501 window post.jpg (160448 bytes)
Interior walls take shape Window post decorations have been faithfully replicated from original samples
501 interior 10 11 02.jpg (162104 bytes) 501 interior b 10 11 02.jpg (149156 bytes)
Interior view- early October. Ceiling panels not yet applied.

Another interior view- the mahogany woodwork is truly breathtaking; a tribute to the Port's talented carpenters.

carpenters 10 02.jpg (172972 bytes) 500 10 11  02.jpg (323772 bytes)
Carpenters at work on car 500's roof Car 500- early October
501 10 09 02 c.jpg (498138 bytes) 1058 22nd St 10 11 02.jpg (264600 bytes)

Car 501 is really starting to take shape- note the striping on the car sides

Project Manager Bob Henry poses with car 1058 at the 22nd St. station. Bob's standing on the newly-installed platform ramp that will provide access to the Red Cars.

1058 front 22nd St 10 11 02 .jpg (299296 bytes) Platform.jpg (166460 bytes)
Close-up of the platform ramp in the down position

The platform ramps will be raised at night to permit passage of freight trains.

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