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11/09/00- The pictures below were taken on November 9th by John Smatlak, and show the tremendous progress that has taken place over the last few months. 

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The World Cruise Center station  takes shape


On the platform at the World Cruise 

Center station, looking south


Looking north from First St. at newly installed line poles.


Passing siding being installed at 5th Street, Maritime Museum in background.


5th street Station site


Line poles being installed north of 

Ports O' Call

11/16/00- The photographs below were taken in Seattle on November 15th and in San Pedro on November 16th by John Smatlak. As you can see from the photos, construction of the trolley infrastructure is now progressing rapidly.

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Replica cars


Replica car one


Welders at work on steel subframe of replica car two


Interior of replica car one


Painters get to work on the World Cruise Center station


22nd St. station, line poles in place, concrete formwork underway


Two views at 5th St., looking north, showing installation of bracket arms. Note newly installed passing siding in foreground.

12/22/00 Latest construction and car updates

As December draws to a close, the trolley infrastructure is approaching completion. All of the track work has been completed, more than half of the overhead wire has been strung, the substation has been delivered and installed, and work is now underway on all four stations. Car 1058 is having its electrical and airbrake equipment installed, and work on replica cars 500 and 501 is proceeding rapidly. 

-John Smatlak photos, click on any image to enlarge-


Station at 6th Street


Aerial view at 6th St.


Prototype platform ramp, shown being raised to "up" position.


Prototype platform ramp, 

shown in down position.


22nd St. station site, substation installation underway


Control system wiring being 

installed on car 1058


Woodwork being installed on replica car 500- 12/20/00


Crews at work discussing electrical 

layout underneath car 500

1/16/01 Construction Updates 

As of the middle of January, the traction power system is in the final construction stages, with the substation now installed at 22nd Street along with the new DWP equipment for incoming power. The new crossing signal equipment has been installed at 5th and 6th Streets, and curb work is about to commence to permit installation of the new equipment at 1st Street. Stations one and two both have their wooden shelters installed and painted, work on the shelter at station four is underway, and crews are preparing to pour the concrete platform at station three adjacent to Ports O' Call. 

-John Smatlak photos, click on any image to enlarge-


Line crew at work in January. Ports O' Call station under construction in background.


Station at 6th St., new passing 

siding visible in background


Construction at 22nd St. 

Substation in foreground.


World Cruise Center station

nears completion, January 2001.

3/4/01 Project Updates

As of the beginning of March, the traction power system has been installed, with work continuing on alignment. Station One is complete except for the platform ramps. Stations Two and Four are essentially complete except for their railings and the platform ramps. At Station Three, the concrete work is complete, and construction of the waiting shelter is underway.

In San Pedro, good progress is being made on conversion of car 1058 back to rail operation. All of the Goodman control system components have been installed, the low voltage wiring has all been run, new window glass has been installed where needed, the ceiling has been painted, and installation of equipment in both cabs is nearing completion. Also, both trucks have been reassembled with their refurbished traction motors and new wheels, and work has begun on installing the truck-mounted brake cylinders. Finally, installation of air brake components and piping underneath the car has also begun.

Work on the two replica cars in Seattle is also progressing rapidly. As can be seen in the photos below, the first car is really taking shape. Almost all of the exterior woodwork has been installed, along with the framing for the interior woodwork. Most of the underbody components have been installed, and the extensive truck rebuild process has been completed on the first pair of trucks. Fabrication of seats and other interior components is also well along. Car number two is following about 30 days behind the first car.

- John Smatlak Photos -

- click on any image to enlarge -

Station Three- February

World Cruise Center Station

Shop scene 2/20/01 World Cruise Center Station


Shop scene 2/20/01

5/22/01 Project Updates

PE 1058- Contractor F&M Locomotive is closing in on completing the initial phase of conversion work on car 1058 in San Pedro. A substantial amount of work has taken place on the car since our last update. Highlights include: the majority of the airbrake apparatus and piping has been installed, all of the Goodman control equipment is on the car, all of the low-voltage wiring and related apparatus are installed and functional, and the high-voltage wiring and apparatus are now being installed. The truck-mounted air brake cylinders are being installed, and the cabs are essentially complete. The Port's own painting department has painted the interior ceiling, cleaned and repainted the roof, and is now doing the prep work for repainting the carbody.  

Stations-  The stations at the World Cruise Center and 6th St. are complete except for installation of the platform bridges and signage. The Ports O' Call Station is nearing completion of its wooden shelter. The 22nd St. Station has its shelter completed and is awaiting installation of handrails. A number of right-of-way improvements have also been completed, including fencing modifications to improve sight lines. Pedestrian access improvements are under construction adjacent to the Ports O' Call Station, and planning is also underway for additional site improvements around all four stations.

An opening date for the line has not been set yet, but watch this space for further bulletins as information becomes available.

- John Smatlak Photos 05/22/01 -

- click on any image to enlarge -


View from the platform at World Cruise Center station 

6th St. Station

Construction activity at 

Ports O' Call station 

Ports O' Call station

22nd St. station

Prep work begins for repainting car 1058

6/13/01 PE 1058 Update

The second truck is now installed underneath car 1058. In addition, the remainder of the truck-mounted brake rigging is now installed, the trolley poles and other roof apparatus are in place, and installation of the high voltage wiring is progressing rapidly. The Port's painting department has essentially completed the prep work for repainting the carbody, including wood repairs to a number of the window sills. As soon as the red paint arrives, painting will commence.

- John Smatlak Photos -

- click on any image to enlarge -

Project manager Bob Henry inspects car 1058

Second truck in place under car 1058

Site work at Ports O' Call Station- June 2001

F&M Locomotive personnel prepare to mount outside-hung brake rigging on car 1058

7/8/01 Project Updates

1058 is now in primer coat, and the red paint will be going on next! Since the last update, additional work has also been completed on installation of the high voltage wiring.

Painting and roof work at the Ports O' Call Station is nearing completion. Also, construction began in early July on the new siding that will serve the Red Car Maintenance Building, which will be built adjacent to the 22nd St. Station. 


- John Smatlak Photos July 2001 -

- click on any image to enlarge -

1058 in primer coat Painting in progress at  Ports O' Call Station

New siding for Red Car Maintenance Building

The Maintenance Building will have two tracks. 

22nd St. Station is visible at right

7/27/01 Project Updates

Car 1058 has received two coats of red paint, and really looks spectacular! Also, since the last report, testing has gotten started on the car's airbrake system. 

Construction work continues at the Ports O' Call station site. Painting is now completed, the light fixtures have been installed, and work continues on the adjacent site improvements.  Work also continues at the 22nd St. Maintenance Building site. The new siding has been ballasted and tamped, and site preparation is underway where the building is to be built.

In other project news, the shared use petition required by the Federal Railroad Administration for the time-separated freight/trolley operation was formally submitted in June. This formal submittal followed many months of consultation and dialogue with the Pacific Harbor Line, the FRA and the California Public Utility Commission. Working with consultant Susan Madigan of Transit Safety Management, numerous drafts were reviewed and refined before the final submittal could be made.


- John Smatlak Photos July 2001 -

- click on any image to enlarge -

painting 1058 Removing the masking
Ports O' Call Station-July Work continues at the 22nd St. Maintenance Building site

9/7/01 Project Updates

Detail painting continues on car 1058, including some work on the headliner area of the interior. The light fixtures have returned from being re-plated and are being installed. Also, initial air brake system testing has been completed, and work on the high voltage wiring is nearing completion. Pictures of one of the cabs are included below. 

Construction of the maintenance building has been delayed approximately three months owing to a problem with the winning construction bid. The building is being put out for bid again the week of September 9th. In the mean time, site preparation work has continued; since the last update, a large surcharge of soil has been placed in the area where the maintenance building foundation will be located. This process is part of the required soil stabilization work at the site. 

Additional information on the replica cars is expected shortly. Watch this space for further updates.


- John Smatlak Photos August 2001 -

- click on any image to enlarge -

1058 in fresh paint Soil surcharge in place at 22nd St. Maintenance Building site
Goodman_1058_cab.JPG (43806 bytes) Goodman_1058_cab2.JPG (45064 bytes)
1058 cab 9/01 1058 cab in progress, 7/01
Goodman_1058_cab_top.JPG (51117 bytes) Goodman_LM95_top.JPG (37817 bytes)
1058 cab detail Goodman controller and Wabco 26-B-1 brake valve in 1058 cab

10/26/01 PE 500 replicas arrive in L.A. for completion!

The two Pacific Electric 500 Replica Cars have arrived at the Port of Los Angeles. Completion of the cars will take place at a Port facility over the next six to eight months. By completing the cars in the Port, there will be an opportunity for local labor and vendors to participate in the return of the Red Cars to Los Angeles. The public will also be able to view the cars under construction on designated days; details will be announced shortly.

The partly-completed cars, along with all of the parts, arrived on Tuesday, October 16. Transportation was provided by O.S.T. of Ventura, California. The cars are being worked on in the same building that has housed car 1058 during its conversion back into a railcar. The building is located adjacent to the Port's own shop facilities, which will permit easy utilization of the Port's wood shop, machine shop, and other facilities.

Although the contractor in Seattle was not able to complete the cars as originally planned, the work that was performed is of very high quality, and will serve as an excellent foundation for completing the cars here in Southern California.  

- John Smatlak Photos October 2001 -

- click on any image to enlarge -

B155_arv.JPG (36503 bytes) B155_arv4.JPG (47096 bytes)

Car 501 arrives at the Port. The cars were covered with tarps for the trip to Southern California.

Car 500 arrives. Car 500 is not yet as complete as the 501. Also, most underbody apparatus was removed from both cars to keep the height of the load to a minimum.

B155_arv2.JPG (38290 bytes) B155_arv3.JPG (35693 bytes)

Car 501 was moved inside the shop using two very large forklifts.  

Car 501 heads into the shop. The other end of the building has a larger door which will permit the two replica cars and 1058 to be rolled outside on their trucks when they're complete.

B155_arv5.JPG (43807 bytes)

Another view of car 501 being prepared for the move into the shop. 

Some of the many parts now on hand to complete the two cars.  
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