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1058 Progress- June, 2000

Most of the automotive equipment on PE 1058 has now been removed in anticipation of installing new electrical and airbrake equipment. Like the two replica cars being built in Seattle, the 1058 will be equipped with a new magnetic-contactor control system from Goodman Equipment of Chicago, and a new airbrake system using commercially-available components from WABCO and other suppliers. The car will also receive a few cosmetic touch-ups, although in general it's already in excellent condition. The photo at right shows the 1058 in early June with one of its new trucks.



6th St. Station Groundbreaking- July 17, 2000

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday July 17 at 10 a.m. to celebrate construction of the 6th Street Red Car station. Participating in the program were; Bob Henry, Project Manager, Port of Los Angeles; Rudy Svorinich Jr., LA City Councilmember, 15th District; Ruth Galanter, LA City Councilmember, 6th District; Larry Keller, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles; and David Freeman, General Manager, LA Department of Water and Power. 

Design of all four stations is now being finalized, and Port of Los Angeles crews have begun prep work at the station sites. In other project news, a contract has been awarded to ABC Rail Systems for track, signal and electrification work. 


Above: Councilmember Ruth Galanter addresses the crowd at the 6th Station groundbreaking.

Below: A scale model of the station was on display during the ceremony.


John Smatlak Photos - click on image to enlarge

Replica cars now Under Construction                      

The two replica Pacific Electric 500-class cars that will serve the new Port of LA Waterfront Red Car Line are now under construction. The cars are being built in Seattle, Washington. Go to the PE 500s Page for more information.  

The new cars will seat 48 passengers, and will be equipped for both high level and ground level boarding. Through the use of folding seats and a slightly modified seating arrangement, the cars will include two wheelchair spaces. As on the original cars, a traditional "California Type" open-air section will be incorporated, although the replica cars will have hidden sash that can be moved into place during inclement weather. 

Construction Photos 7/20/00


Above: Welding is almost complete on the steel underframes.

Below: Members of the welding team in action


John Smatlak Photos


Station Construction and Other Updates 8/24/00

On Saturday August 19, the concrete footings were poured for the Red Car station adjacent to the World Cruise Center. Harbor Department crews will complete work at this site and then move down the line to the next station. In other news, design submittals are being reviewed for the track and signal upgrades along with the overhead traction power system. 


PE 500 Replicas: Work continues in Seattle on the two replica PE 500s. The initial vertical members of the steel frame were being added to the first of the completed underframes on August 23. The rebuilding of the trucks and motors is also proceeding nicely. The trucks have been completely torn down and individual components are being refurbished, while orders are being finalized for new wheels, axles and gears. The traction motors are being completely rewound at a Seattle motor shop, airbrake parts are arriving from the various vendors, and the Goodman control apparatus is expected to arrive by late September. 


PE 1058: Parts are coming in for the new air brake system, and the Goodman control apparatus is expected to arrive in San Pedro by late September. The new wheels ordered for the truck refurbishment work are due to arrive the final week of August, and the first two traction motors are now being refurbished. 


Replica Cars Update 9/29/00

With both underframes essentially complete, work has focused on completing the remainder of the steel frame on the first car. The photos below were taken in September as the work progressed. Work also continues on the trucks, motors, seats and other components. 





Line Construction Update 10/02/00

Harbor Department and contractor's crews have been at work throughout September at the station sites, as well as out on the line replacing ties. Here are a few photos of the progress.


Above: Concrete pour at the World Cruise Center station, September 16, 2000.


Above: Crews begin form work for the footings at the 6th St. Station, September 26, 2000.


Above: Track crew replacing ties near 22nd St., September 12, 2000.

Port of Los Angeles Photos

Latest Replica Car Photos 10/12/00

Fabrication work has been completed on the first steel frame in Seattle, Washington. Frame number two should likewise be completed in another 3-4 weeks. Work is also progressing on design and fabrication of the wooden components for the two cars. A roof section has now been added on the short mockup section of the car which was created to test out different fabrication concepts. The Orange Empire Railway Museum has also agreed to loan the project numerous detail pieces from surviving car 538.


Back in San Pedro, track crews have passed the half way point in their re-railing and tie replacement project. In addition, all of the wooden line poles are now at the site, and the contractor should begin setting poles the week of 10/16. Work also continues at both the Cruise Center and 6th St. station sites.


Above: The first completed steel frame, October 10, 2000.  


Above: End view of the first frame- note the coupler. Two sets of interurban-type radial couplers were obtained from Japan via the Seashore Trolley Museum. The couplers will permit towing of the cars by a locomotive or other means in the event of power failure or other operational difficulty. Cars will also have train air, so that the cars will have functional airbrakes while being towed.  


Above and Below: A three-foot long mockup of the carbody has been built to test out ideas for wooden components and other details. Here personnel try out a clerestory window.


John Smatlak Photos

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